Addressing patient pressure when prescribing antibiotics

Primary care physicians report they often feel pressure from patients to prescribe an antibiotic. Many patients believe that, regardless of their illness, antibiotics provide the quickest relief possible.

Below are a few helpful tools you can use to address patient demands and concerns.

Appropriate antibiotic use graphic

Intended for: Prescribers to use with patients insisting on an antibiotic

Description: Simple, easy-to-understand chart created by the Global Respiratory Infection Partnershipthat helps visually educate patients on antibiotic resistance and symptomatic treatment.


A guide to understanding your symptoms

Intended for: Patients

Description: Educates patients about the appropriate symptomatic relief from most URTIs and provides realistic symptom duration and advice on when to seek further treatment from the Global Respiratory Infection Partnership.


Antibiotics aren’t always the answer

Intended for: Parents of young children

Description: An educational brochure, provided by the CDC, that briefly explains 6 simple and smart facts about antibiotic use and when antibiotics can help treat your child’s illness.


Patient Education Video

Intended for: Patients

Description: An educational video developed by the Global Respiratory Infection Partnership that advises patients about when an antibiotic is appropriate for illness.
If you would like to incorporate this video on your portal or practice website, please contact us here.

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