Stable Chronic Bronchitis

Approved healthcare professional labeling for MUCINEX®supports guaifenesin’s ability to help loosen phlegm and thin bronchial secretions in patients with Stable Chronic Bronchitis (SCB)†ǂ

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Presenting Author: Kim KC

Study results support guaifenesin’s effect on mucin production, rheology, and mucociliary transportability in fully differentiated human epithelial cells.

*Source: Suneetha G, Venkateswarlu P, Prasad PSS. Determination of guaifensen and dextromethorphan by UPLC. Der Pharma Chemica. 2012; 4(3):1019-1025.
†Source: Statistics, Q4 2011 (
ǂGuaifenesin products indicated for the treatment of stable chronic bronchitis are available only by prescription.