The Global Hygiene Council

The Global Hygiene Council is a group of the world's top experts in hygiene and hygiene-related fields, including microbiology, virology, infectious disease, immunology, and public health.

The Council was formed in 2006, and seeks to create awareness of the science and drive behavioural change around hygiene-related health, with the overall aim of improving and protecting the lives and livelihood of the people that are most at risk.

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Meet some of our members

With 22 members, the Global Hygiene Council brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise in their respective disciplines.

Chair: Professor John Oxford

Emeritus Professor of Virology at Queen Mary’s School of Medicine and Dentistry

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Professor Philip M Tierno

Professor of Microbiology & Pathology at New York University School of Medicine

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Joe Rubino

R&D Director, Equity, Claims & Compliance, RB

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A few key resources

Below is just a small sampling of the broad range of educational resources our partner organizations have to offer. Visit their respective websites to get additional materials and information.

Hygiene Hotspots

Intended for: Patients 

Description: A fun, interactive tool that reveals surprising facts about where germs congregate in our homes and reinforces the need for proper hygiene

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Kids’ Corner

Intended for: Patients with children

Description: A suite of entertaining and educational games and activities that help children better understand the importance of hygiene

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